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Karen Cooper Gallery “Shoot Photos, Not Bullets”

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Making a video for Karen Cooper Gallery for political activism

We at Workshop had the pleasure of working with Karen Cooper Gallery in Granville Island this past week. As the B.C. election approaches certain topics become crucial to the voters. As a result, Karen Cooper reached out to us to create a video to get voters thinking about the practice of trophy hunting. In B.C., bears are being hunted down for the sake of sport. Yet, British Columbians agree that this should not be the case. Hunting is not wrong when it feeds your family, and it’s a part of your lifestyle. But with dwindling wildlife populations, it becomes crucial for the voter to inform itself and find a more reasonable hobby.

That is why we partnered with our friends from Karen Cooper Photography and filmmakers Nicolas Ayerbe & Arun Fryer to make this quick video explaining how the practice of Trophy Hunting can be replaced by the practice of photography.

The video so far has garnered 13,000 views and attracted a lot of commentary to Karen Cooper Photography, as well as Workshop Media itself. Though it is a controversial topic, we hope that people will be able to see beyond the politics.

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